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St Peter’s Centre For Mindfulness: Acton Green Mindfulness & Spirituality Centre in Acton

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Written by James Langton

We are a group of Christian and Non Christian persons who are passionate about Mindfulness and Spirituality. As part of our vision at St Peter’s we wish to answer to the needs of our Local community by promoting St Peter’s Church as a Centre for Mindfulness and SpiritualityWe teach mindfulness learning from the three great religious Traditions: Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. At the Centre for Mindfulness and Spirituality we offer courses and workshops about Christian Meditation, Mindfulness for Adults, Mindfulness and Yoga for children and young people.

The centre is rich in spirit as it builds loving ties to the community bringing people together in a spirit of oneness and gratitude for life in this corner of West London.

Latest Courses & Workshops
Where : St Peter’s Church, Southfield Road, London, W4 1BB
Contact/ Enquiries 020 8994 4281 |  [email protected]