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The Power of Presence Women & Men Healing Together- Weekend With Joey Walters & Nicholas Janni

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In this work we build a deeply open and attuned field of Presence together. This allows us to make contact with frozen parts of our individual, ancestral and collective structures. These structures are embedded in our lives and in our culture. Even if we know about some of them cognitively, we are generally unaware of the full nature and energetic impact of their existence. Until there is enough Presence, we cannot fully see what we are in

This cutting-edge approach integrates timeless spiritual wisdom with modern body/mind psychology.

By creating a safe and precise relational space we open the possibility of turning towards and viscerally feeling these parts, thus allowing deep processes of Healing and Restorationto occur – a repairing of our fragmentation, and a coming home to our fullest and highest potentials of body, heart mind and soul.

This workshop is devoted to the work of:


While we recognize and facilitate women and men meeting in their own gender spaces, we support the emerging awareness of the need to and power of working together. We acknowledge the growing desire to deepen our understanding and open the highest possibilities together of healing, awakening and profound mutual empowerment.

During our weekend, we will develop and use the following practices:

  • Presencing with precision and what is happening inside us, physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Deepening our listening and attunement to each other
  • Moving and breathing exercises to deepen our embodiment
  • Developing a spacious, meditative awareness as an essential ground for this work
  • Tuning in to ancestral streams in ways that allow the possibility of intergenerational healing
  • Creating a strong enough personal and group vessel to turn towards the collective traumas we are embedded in, and facing those energies responsibly and in ways that contribute to Restoration

We will use these practices in triads, small groups and plenary work to explore:

  • Bringing into felt awareness the patterns, the hurts and the scars we carry as women and as men, individually and in our relating to each other
  • Seeing how deeply these are embedded in our culture and in our lineages
  • Giving space to emotions such as rage, grief, shame, fear and joy, as well the layers of mistrust and unsafety within and between us
  • The re-writing of how women and men may relate in a new paradigm of power and respect, in new kinds of intimacy and collaboration

We will also use ritual and ceremony to enable our breakthroughs and learnings to embed themselves.

When: 7th -8th December All Weekend

Where: Colet House | 151 Talgarth Road |W14 9DA

Investment: £174 early bird ends Nov 1st – Thereafter £192



Joey Walters 

Is it time to bring your feminine wisdom out of the closet and step up to make the unique contribution that your heart is calling you to make?

Nicholas Janni

We understand the essential nature of trauma to be energy that could not be and has not been processed and therefore stays stuck as frozen layers within our personal and collective structures. By learning to work directly with these layers, we create together a journey of Restoration, allowing large amounts of core life energy, intelligence and relational capacity to be released.