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Where to Try Flotation Therapy in London

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Written by James Langton

What is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation Therapy as the name implies allows the body to experience a feeling of weightlessness as if one is suspended and floating in space free from gravity and tension.

It was invented in the mid 1950’s by American neuroscientist Dr John Lilly who saw the potential for studying the nature of consciousness by isolating the physical body from all  and external stimuli as it floats in a darkened pod of warm (35.5 degree temp) water and epsom salts

At the very least regular floating in a floatation tank will trigger a deep relaxation response much deeper than normal sleep, enabling a drift in to the Theta state of consciousness  

Floatation therapy tanks were originally named “sensory deprivation tanks,” and sometimes “isolation tanks.” Over the years the name was changed to float tanks or floatation therapy tanks.

 These days many use floatation therapy to ease painful physical conditions and discomfort as well as an aid to training mind and body what it feels like to truly relax before sleep.

Where to Float in London




images - Where to Try Flotation Therapy in LondonFloatworks operate from 2 locations

Vauxhall; just across the road from Vauxhall underground station near the Thames so you can have a relaxing riverside stroll after your float.

Contact: 17b St George Wharf, Vauxhall, London, SW8 2LE | 0207 357 0111 | [email protected]

Islington; Floatworks newest float centre is beautiful and located just a five minute walk from Angel Underground or Essex Road overground station and is the largest float centre in the UK.

Contact: 21 Essex Road, The Angel, London, N1 2SA | 0203 995 3863 | [email protected]

Opening Hours: Both Locations  7:30 – 10pm

Number of Tanks: 10 isopods across both centres | chill room | relaxation room| hair & mirror facility

Pricing Offers & Booking: Single Float £55  4 x float pack £180 Floatworks Membership (1 float per month) £40pm Book online or by phone

What They Say

Since Floatworks started in 1993, we’ve never stopped looking for new ways to improve our service. This includes designing and building our own innovative float pod, the i-sopod, which quickly became the most advanced and sought after pod in the world.

What We Say

Opening a second centre at Angel Islington is testament to the excellence of the original Vauxhall venue. Both centres offer spotless modern facilities with superb pre-float customer service and floaty post-float relaxing area. Great to see that Trip Advisor currently ranks Floatworks 3rd out of 375 London Spas 


Float Hub


Unknown 1 - Where to Try Flotation Therapy in LondonVisit / Contact information: Shoreditch: LG Floor, 346 Old Street EC1V 9NQ  0203 581 7108  [email protected]

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11 am – 11pm Closed on Mondays

Number of Tanks: 6 orbit float tanks + Relaxation Suite

Pricing Offers & Booking: Single float £60 | Membership £50 pm | (1 float pm) | further floats £40 | 4th float free. Book online and by phone

What They Say

We’re driven to provide deeper rest for all. We’re partnering with mental health charities (donating 2.5% of profits), as well as offering a number of free floats a month to emergency services workers (NHS & police where funding is low and working hours long and stressful. We also offer a number of free floats as a thank you to people who volunteer to help in local community projects. Please feel free to get in touch [email protected]

What we Say

Great location for stressed out Silicon Roundabout workers pulling a late one Float Hub are particularly interested in researching how floatation therapy can improve quality and length of sleep.

London Floatation Centre


Unknown 4 - Where to Try Flotation Therapy in LondonVisit / Contact information Isle of Dogs 32 Skylines Village South Quay DLR E14 9TS (10 mins. Canary Wharf) | 0203 069 9921 | [email protected]

Opening Hours: Open Daily 9:30 -10pm

Number of Tanks: 2

Pricing Offers & Booking: One hour float £50 or for 2 people £95

One time only intro offer: 3 floats £99 | Course of 5 one hour floats £175 | Course of 10 one hour float sessions £300 | Course of 20 one hour float sessions £500 | Overnight float by request

Booking by request through enquiry form or phone.

What They Say

London Floatation Centre offers an extensive range of treatments using only the best products in the industry. Our Team is committed to providing you with the highest level of service at an affordable price. Indulging in floatation offers a number of key health benefits: it elevates mood, increases energy, releases endorphins, alleviates pain and stress, and allows you to reach new levels of relaxation and recovery. In addition to flotation, we have a highly skilled team of therapists specialising in deep tissue, Swedish, and reflexology massage as well as colon hydro therapy.

What we Say

Great to have lots of different therapies all in one place. The experience of floating directly after a massage surely the ultimate body treat. + The possibility to float all night by request




Unknown 3 - Where to Try Flotation Therapy in LondonVisit / Contact information

Borough Unit 1 – 3, Brandon House 4 Marshalsea Rd  SE1 1LB |0207 378 1001 [email protected]

Opening Hours:  Monday- Thursday 6am – 11pm |  Friday | 8am-11pm | Sat/Sun: 8am – 10pm

Number of Tanks: 2

Pricing Offers & Booking: Single float £55 | 2 sessions £100 | 5 sessions £200

What They Say

Floating is an experience that can help to reset our mental well being and bring balance to our thinking. By taking some time to quieten all the thoughts passing through our head, we allow ourselves to think clearly and become more focused. Floatation tanks are a modern and controlled way to meditate. Many of us have high-pressure jobs and find it hard to take time away from screens, people and everyday noise.

What we Say

3Tribes has a superb formula; with two highly successful Crouch End studios. Studio 1 makes use of  hot spaces for Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates and Hot Flow whilst Studio 2 offers Spin, Boot Camp & Yoga Barre.

3Tribes newest venue, located in the heart of Southwark (Borough/London Bridge) offers Hot Yoga Yoga Barre and offers the only float opportunity in the area.