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Yoga Movement

Community Yoga & Meditation

Special Yoga Centre

Special Yoga is on a mission is to inclusively and holistically support children with additional needs through a multi-dimensional methodology. This unique method – combining yoga with mindfulness – is founded on a firm belief that…

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Pilates & Therapeutic Movement


Pilates Retreat Centre

Pilates Retreats at Boswell Farm usually run from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, however we pride ourselves on flexibility of arrangements and so can cater for a set weekend, or a bespoke package ideally suited to your needs. Our retreat…

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Dance Movement

Community Movement

All London Areas play


Here at Less-Stress London we know that getting social isn’t always the first reason we go to a gym or movement class; it can be, but most often we keep an internal focus with no more than a few words or polite simile as we push ourselves…

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Sweat & Fitness

Fitness People

Nature and nurture

Iona Layland tells Less-Stress London about her holistic approach to personal training, and the benefits of working in the outdoors… Less-Stress London: How did you get started? Iona Layland: After working in an office for 10 years I…

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Fitness People

Female-friendly fitness

Lyanne Hodson explains the advantages of using a specialist women-only trainer… Less-Stress London: Why do you focus on women-only fitness? Lyanne Hodson: I started off training everyone. I was very aware that I was looking after…

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Fitness People

Let’s make running fun

Omar Mansour tells Less-Stress London why he’s on a mission to bring the joy back into running… Less-Stress London: How did you become a personal trainer? Omar Mansour: When I was a youngster I used to compete in track and field events…

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Optimal Spine

Anyone who has suffered from back pain knows how bad it can make you feel. Many of us rely on painkillers just to lead a normal life. The good news is that there is a new way of dealing with chronic back pain. David Rogers, who is a chartered…

Brought to you by America’s Smartest Back Pain Resource:  What Is Good Posture? Good posture is the way you hold your body while standing, sitting, or performing tasks like lifting, bending, or pulling. It is the correct alignment of body…

 America’s Smartest Back Pain Resource: Swimming relaxes the brain and allows your mind to re-charge, it’s just you and the water, you essentially reboot and become a blank canvas — ready to re-start your day and any…

Physiotherapist David Rogers explains how a pioneering new strategy can help defeat persistent back pain… David Rogers has more than 20 years’ experience helping people with musculoskeletal pain. A chartered physiotherapist currently…

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