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SCENT AND SOUND GONG BATH with Leo Cosendai and Sara Ramazanoglu Once a Month from January 26th 2019 at Battersea Yoga.

gong 810x184 - SCENT AND SOUND GONG BATH with Leo Cosendai and Sara Ramazanoglu

Scent and Sound: Heart Opening 

Join Leo Cosendai (Sound healer at Battersea Yoga) and Sara Ramazanoglu (Women’s Health Therapist + Certified Aromatherapist) for an evening of cleanse, using the potent combination of Scent & Sound.

The combination of otherworldly Gong sounds & Sacred herbal aromas complimented perfectly, creating space for a deeply healing meditative practice. Previous attendee

Featured in The Times, Huffinton post and Tatler, Sara and Leo are both experts in their respective fields, and specialise in guiding groups and individuals into self care.

With over 20 years of combined experience, the couple are able to go into great depths with their clients. Leo will guide you through a creative guided meditation followed by a group introduction to the healing Mongolian overtone chanting technique, followed by what he is known for: a Gong bath. 

Rare and potent herbs and essential oils will be used throughout each stage of this workshop. Sara will share her knowledge and experience of essential oils as a potent agent of change that blends with the sound meditation and energy work during the workshop.

You will also learn how to incorporate them into your own daily self care rituals.

More comments from previous workshop attendees:

“Leo is the most gifted sound healer and his chanting of the gayatri mantra moved me to tears (not even joking!)”

“Since the workshop, thanks to Sara’s shared knowledge I have incorporated the use of palo santo and therapeutic essential oils to enhance my daily self care rituals.” 

“The workshop was the best gift of self love & care I could give to myself…I highly recommend!

Upcoming dates:

Saturday 26 January 7-9pm £25

Saturday 23 February 7-9pm £25

Saturday 23 March 7-9pm £25

Saturday 27 April 7-9pm £25