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Transcendental Meditation London

Living and working in London is exciting, exhilarating and rewarding; on the flip side life can also be stressful and exhausting. The Meditation Trust’s frequent TM courses in central London have already transformed the lives of thousands of Londoners looking for a real solution to the constant demands and pressures of city life. The effects and benefits of TM to health are profound. Only a few minutes of transcendental meditation every day brings far greater results than hours invested in other meditation techniques.

What is Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is the simplest, most natural and effortless technique of meditation – so simple that the adult technique can be learned from the age of ten.

But it is also the most advanced and fundamentally different approach because the simplicity is based on a profound and complete understanding of not just the mind and its behaviour but also the body, and how the two interact during deep meditation, something not understood in virtually any other approach. Therefore a maximum of 20 minutes, twice a day, sitting in a comfortable chair are all that is required.

This is why when Dr. Deepak Chopra, world-renowned speaker and author of more than 50 books on meditation and its associated practices, learned TM in 1980 he called it ‘Real’ meditation because, he said, it represented a major break-through in interpretation of this very ancient knowledge.

This knowledge of transcendence (traditionally known as yoga), which means the mind settling effortlessly into silence, is the most powerful key to unlock your inner potential for self-healing and personal growth because it is simple and natural and therefore works for everyone. Frequently, those who have learned, or even taught, other forms of meditation, are astonished when they learn Transcendental Meditation that the simplicity and effectiveness of their new knowledge produces results that may have eluded them for years.

TM is not concentration or visualisation, nor is it control or even mindfulness. Using a mantra (or sound) upon which to gently and innocently rest our attention, we simply allow the mind the freedom to follow its natural tendency towards happiness, and it will settle spontaneously into silence. This unique approach, passed on during personal instruction by a teacher trained as directed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, comes from the ancient Vedic traditation of India.

There are 5 ways to find out more about TM:

1, Download and read our comprehensive free e-book
2, Contact us for a free information pack by email or post
3, Call our Trust Founder for a chat
If you can’t come and meet us, Colin Beckley will be pleased to chat by phone on his private line 01843 847952 – You will have as much time as you want to discuss all the questions and doubts you may have about learning to meditate. Do leave a message if he is not available – he will get back to you soon.
4, Meet one of our teachers at a short public informal chat/talk (dates below)
We recommend that you read the free ebook or info pack first so you can come along with any questions you have remaining to make best use of this time. There will often be the opportunity to join a group meditation at the end where you can practise your own silent technique or be given brief instruction in a mindfulness practice (this is not a taster of Transcendental Meditation, which requires you to attend a full course)
5, Join a 1.5 hour workshop where available
An integral part of the Meditation Trust’s mission is to go into communities to spread correct understanding of the heart of Yoga as Transcendence (meditation) and give a taste of yogic mindfulness of body and breath, which is designed as the ultimate preparation for deep meditation.

This is our comprehensive workshop ‘Mindfulness & Transcendence – the dynamic duo of Yoga ‘, an ideal opportunity to learn about what meditation is (including the 3 main categories), what stress really is and its antidote according to Yoga, speak to teachers directly and experience different types of mindfulness first hand. For this public workshop participants may be invited to make a donation to the charity either directly or via the venue.

The workshop can also be presented in Corporate settings where the Company is invited to make a donation of £290 (for as many people as you wish), which helps us to provide a similar service for free as part of our charitable educational activities for communities with limited funds (e.g. in schools, prisons, other charities).

“Learning TM had an immediate impact, it transformed my life. I was a trained nurse on night duty at the time and my colleagues noticed the difference. I don’t know how I would have managed without it. It is because of TM that I’m where I am today” Rachel Redcliffe