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Green Space Coaching & Mindfulness with Karen Liebenguth Coaching whilst walking in London’s parks and green spaces

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Written by Less Stress London

Karen Liebenguth is a Green Space Coach and Facilitator, offering individual coaching sessions whilst walking in London’s parks and green spaces  to tap into the benefits that nature has on our wellbeing. Karen works in Victoria Park, East London, as well as Kew Gardens, Hampstead Heath and in East Sussex. According to Karen,

Our busy lives can easily cut us off from nature and its seasonal energy to which our body, mind and soul are so closely connected. When we spend time outdoors and connect to what’s around us, we slow down, ground ourselves and become more spacious inside.

You might consider working with a life coach for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you wish to become your own best friend rather than your worst enemy. Perhaps you want to explore what really matters to you in your life – to clarify your priorities, and learn to spend your time in ways which support your goals. Is there a better way to undertake this challenge than whilst walking amidst the beauty of London’s green spaces?

What are the benefits of outdoors coaching?

Karen has found that as we walk, our brain starts to focus on our muscles and body and as a result our brain waves slow to alpha waves where your unconscious mind can streamline your thoughts, reflect and generate new ways of thinking, ideas and solutions. When we spend time outdoors and connect to what’s around us through our senses – what we see, hear and feel – we slow down, ground ourselves and become more spacious inside. Nature is where we come from, and it’s where we are most at ease. Taking time out to spend time in nature has a wealth of beneficial impacts on our psychological, mental, emotional and physical well being.

Life coaches have no agenda. We are there to listen and ask you powerful questions to catalyse insights, creativity and change.

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According to Karen, a lot of the time we spend our lives on ‘autopilot’. We might notice this sometimes when we are driving or walking somewhere – we arrive, but have no real recollection of  how we got there. In mindfulness practice we aim to develop awareness. Mindfulness means deliberately attending to and becoming more aware of our experiences: of our thoughts, feelings and body sensations. When we are not very aware, running on autopilot, things happen to us and we react in habitual ways – like having our buttons pressed. When we are aware we know what is happening.  We can learn to recognise triggers to unhelpful behaviour and become aware of thoughts and feelings that can gradually build up.

What Karen’s Clients say

Karen has had a profound and positive impact on my life in just a few coaching sessions. She is very insightful and has a wonderful way of helping you get to the heart of what really matters. Karen’s unique approach to coaching – which involves walking and talking together outdoors – makes the whole process feel natural, relaxed and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives. – Mark Williamson, Action for Happiness

Not only has Karen given me emotional support during my time of change but also really good practical advice, which I was not expecting and which has been more helpful than I realised. The support and strength shown to me during my sessions are something that I will be able to draw upon for a long time to come. My life has changed, I’m motivated, full of ideas for my art and most importantly I have the skills and courage to carry on in this positive direction.” – Maggie, London

Karen also offers mindfulness training and courses.