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Inspire: Keith Abraham: Founder of The Dao of Awakening Tai chi and self-mastery teacher

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Written by James Langton

What is it that you do?

My experiences fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan taught me why it’s so important to fully appreciate life and the importance of healing ourselves from our traumas without procrastination. So, now I help others do the same – process trauma, heal, live with courage and see the majesty and beauty of Life.

How do you work?

I offer one-to-one ‘mastermind’ mentoring sessions for those wishing to learn greater self-mastery, including self-discipline, self-worth and self-love. Together we focus on practical techniques, working to heal from emotional trauma, release physical tension and reconnect with our intuition.

I also teach transformative Tai Chi and Qi Gong. The true purpose of Tai Chi is self-cultivation. Tai Chi is so much more than a physical exercise or ‘moving meditation’,through its practice, you can receive profound insights and life-changing experiences.

Combined with Tai Chi, ancient Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Gong) sequences also introduce you to invaluable mental, physical and energetic exercises, providing clarity and insight for your mind; strength, vitality and flexibility for your body; and refreshed energy levels to employ in daily life.

A background in the military is quite unusual for the work that you’re doing now

That’s true, I don’t see too many military veterans becoming mentors or Tai Chi instructors, but veterans still have so much to offer society after our military service has ended. Veterans often have a perspective on life and a sense of community that can be very beneficial to civilians and businesses. Those of us who have experienced the reality of combat know how precious life is, how our fears needn’t keep us from living the life of our dreams and how important it is to have someone at your side in times of need.

Can you say something about your experience as a student in China?

My time studying Tai Chi and Qi Gong in China had a profound impact on my entire life, not just my development as a practitioner and teacher of the Internal Arts. The Masters I studied with gave me time, space and skills to explore myself and helped me better understand the universe we inhabit.

Can anybody achieve self-mastery? What are the basic foundations?

I wouldn’t use the word “achieve” but, of course, anyone can develop greater self-mastery. It takes discipline and dedication but with the right intention and appropriate tools anyone can develop greater self-mastery, yes.

What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

My own personal Qi Gong practice has entered a very demanding phase and I find it challenging on a physical and emotional level. But I know it’s helping me further unfold and so, while challenging, I still see the beauty of it.

What is your greatest joy?

My life is my greatest joy. I have a loving, supportive family, rewarding work, a healthy body…And I feel blessed to be in a position to help others in such a profound way.

A day never goes by without?

During my travels in China I received an informal but valuable education in Chadao, “the way of tea”.

The daily preparation of tea, “Gong fu” style, helps me gently focus my mind and relax into the ceremony of making my tea, ensuring I spend some time alone in my private, dedicated space. I also just enjoy exploring the different flavours and textures tea offers.

What makes you optimistic in the world?

It’s the way so many people seem to be using the current political, social, climatic and economic global events that are taking place in this remarkable age as opportunities to spread love. Where fear, misinformation, naivety and ignorance once ruled, it seems integrity, honesty and respect are more and more in demand. Not only on a personal level but in business and politics, too. So much pain and suffering is being highlighted every day in the press, and while it is shocking at times, we are now better able and more inclined than ever to use these experiences as opportunities to learn and grow.

Do you have a favourite part of London and why?

Epping Forest is my favourite part of London without doubt. I live within its borders and I believe it’s London’s very best kept secret. I love the space, the energy, the ancient trees, it’s absolutely crammed full of life but has a stillness and a power that I feel very attracted to. It’s magnificent!

Keith works from a studio at his home in East London and also travels to work with clients in their homes or at their places of work. For further information about working with Keith or to book him for a speaking engagement Contact: [email protected]