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Inspire: Serena Oppenheim Founder of Good Zing The Health Tips Platform

Serena Oppenheim GoodZing 810x723 - Inspire: Serena Oppenheim Founder of Good Zing
Written by James Langton

We’ve all heard the saying “live your best self”, but feeling your best self means different things to each of us. For some it means managing stress, for others it means boosting concentration, while for others it’s breaking a bad habit or even reducing anxiety.

Good Zing has a simple mission –  to help, you, to help yourself.

The Good Zing ethos says that what works for one person might not work for another. Everyone is different and so are their symptoms and their healing processes. Good Zing offers a menu of solutions, so that finding all the available options is now as easy as 1-2-3

Here, founder Serena Oppenheim talks about the joys and challenges of staying happy and healthy whilst running a leading health advice platform, and moving back to London after many years in New York City.

1. What do you do?

I am the founder of Good Zing – a web based platform which is designed to help people improve their own self-care and health literacy. We are the one stop shop for health and wellbeing tips and tricks: aggregating different perspectives, from a mum’s point of view, the ayurvedic’s approach, to the midwife, the doctor, the nutritional therapist, all allowing an integrative approach to health care.

So what do I actually do? Every day, I sit with my amazing team building out the platform, helping design it, finding incredible health practitioners to join, running corporate and consumer events, and growing the content so that we can reach as many people as possible. I am very lucky – I love what I do and passionately believe in what we are building.

2. What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

Time, there is simply not enough of it! As anyone who runs their own company knows, the To-Do List is always spiraling out of control, and growing.

3. What is your Greatest Joy?

It’s quite a feeling when we get emails or messages on social media from people saying that they found a tip that they used and that they are so happy with it. We even get messages from people saying they had tried all kinds of solutions for an issue they have and then found an Expert tip on our site and it’s worked the best for them. One person got in touch saying that they changed their diet after seeing a tip from a nutritionist and are now sleeping better then before. Each time we get one of these messages my heart lifts and I know we are building a platform that makes a difference.

4. Do you follow your own advice

I am in no way a health expert and I firmly believe that what works for one person, might not work for another. The one piece of advice I give people that I always do follow is cultivating a regular meditation practice, and in particular, Vedic Meditation.  This has been a total game-changer for me. But this is literally the only piece of my own advice I follow.

5. A week never goes by without

Me thinking, this week I am going to manage my time better, meditate twice a day, eat healthily and not get stressed. Maybe next week….

5. You’ve spent many years living in New York and now you’re a Londoner What are some of the worst and best thing about each city when it comes to staying healthy????

I loved living in New York. Every time I go back I get the biggest rush of adrenalin. What is so amazing about New York are the number of the exciting health and wellbeing innovations. The one that always springs to mind is MDFL Meditation Studios  who were such innovators in this space, and I also love Mile High Run Club  There is also an incredible supportive community of people in New York who are running health focused companies and are constantly working to improve this space.

On the flip side, the city is incredibly intense and fast. London is less hectic, people seem to have less FOMO and there seems to be a better work/life balance. Over the last few years the push towards mental health awareness also means we are seeing great new initiatives (including LessStressLondon. I also find it easier to eat healthily in London, there are so many delicious cafes and restaurants, with Squirrel and Farm Girl being my favourites. I love checking out Glowcation,  an easy London based guide for finding healthy places, as it seems every week there is a great new place to explore.