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Introducing The Linden Method

The Linden Method is a dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy. It offers qualified and fully accredited support with a total focus on removing inappropriate anxiety. It was developed by Charles Linden and available through the Linden Centre.

A former anxiety sufferer himself, Charles Linden was acutely agoraphobic before going on to develop his own technique for recovery. It’s that this method that has led him to become considered one of the world’s leading experts in anxiety and anxiety recovery.


Would I benefit?

The Linden Method is suitable for anyone who suffers from anxiety. Director of the Linden Centre, Beth Linden, says that fast and liberating recovery from anxiety is possible for all clients, regardless of age, gender, severity of symptoms, prescribed medication, or personal experiences.

Charles Linden

What to expect

The Linden Method modifies the way clients respond to anxiety-producing situations to systematically remove anxiety. “You put the programme in place, and the physiological, emotional and chemical responses that happen as a result reset your emotional wellbeing.

Charles Linden says, “It’s almost like a brain reboot, so it sets you back to how you should have been.”

More than 190,000 people have used the Linden programmes to date. The Linden Centre proudly claims a 98–99% success rate, and says all compliant clients recover using its method.

The Linden Method works by resetting your emotional responses, removing unwanted fear at its source. It’s simple, fast and produces real recovery, switching off phobias, obsessions and compulsions. It turns off anxiety in the same way that eating turns of hunger, and returns your mind and body to your “birth preset”.

What The Linden Method’s clients say

“If you have anxiety, you need The Linden Method. I suffered for years, was prescribed countless pills and was pushed from pillar to post by a host of so called medical experts – none of which worked. I joined the Linden Method programme and for the first time ever was made to feel like I wasn’t going mad. The programme made sense, was easy to follow and it worked”


The Linden Method programme online: £129 including lifelong access and unlimited support
The Linden Method programme in print and online: £159

Both versions include a range of apps, videos, audio tracks, books and other resources to help users get to grips with their anxiety. For £197, the junior version also includes resources for kids aged seven to 17.

The Linden Centre also offers one-day workshops and four-day retreats in Worcestershire, or one-on-one sessions with Charles Linden in his London Harley Street practice. Some clients recover in as little as 90 minutes, while others may take a few days or weeks.

You can also find Charles Linden’s book Stress Free in 30 Days here.


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