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Just Breathing in London

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Holding a conversation on Quiet

This was fun! I’ve been meditating for a while now, usually in the quiet of the morning before the day begins, sometimes sleepily, sometimes deeply, sometimes energetically, usually on my own.

I’ve sat and meditated during the day to calm down and meditated whilst walking for the same purpose. I’ve meditated in fields and in parks, in pods and in the quiet of the workplace before leaving for the mad rush of the journey home.

I have meditated with others before, usually on retreat or a Friday evening at my local yoga centre where the energy has flowed in to chanting as a small group, but I’d never really have called meditation a fun activity.

But then again I’ve never sat in a large indoor event space and meditated with 500 other open hearted like-minded Londoners looking for a different kind of Monday night and It was an exhilarating and – yes – a fun experience.

Just Breathe London feels like the start of something important. Movements need inspiration and purpose, and occasionally leaders that people can believe in and Just Breathe London has all three.

Founded by Michael James Wong barely a year ago as what he calls a modern mindfulness and meditation community Just Breathe London offers a series of Quiet Clubs at different venues in all four corners of the capital. We can really see the idea catching on and growing fast.

Community – Connection – Quiet.

Just Breathe London take meditation away from the domain of the overtly spiritual and are re-imagining it as a simple yet hugely beneficial activity.

Something that you can actually talk about or indeed practice with; work colleagues, your flatmates or your cousin.

This was highlighted by Monday’s huge turnout for Just Breathe London’s Grand Gathering #7 at The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.

On a show of hands, I’d say for at least 60% of those at the event last night it was a first time experience, with loads of people coming straight from work and having a great time.

Grand Gatherings are different from the regular Quiet Club format because they have a stated altruistic purpose combining a quality mix of mindful discourse and entertainment with a market place of donated goods sold for JBL’s partner charities. www.kindness.org and The British Heart Foundation 

The concept of actively seeking out support to build quiet in to one’s life as part of a physical social network is only going to get more popular because the benefits are so tangible.

Michael James Wong and his team are great hosts and make meditation and conscious living seem just a very sensible life choice.  In an uncertain, competitive world where more is expected and less is never enough they are clearly pushing on an open door.

Meditation and Mindfulness are practices that today’s millennial generation are discovering in ever greater numbers and soon enough they will be teaching their own kids.

Organisations such as Just Breathe London, The Shine Movement, and Will Williams Meditation are doing critical work in seeding generations to come  in preparation for some major societal shifts that we are all heading toward. Some more consciously than others.

The next Grand Gathering will be held at The British Museum. Watch this space for the date.

To find your nearest Quiet Club, visit Just Breathe London.