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Yoga Nidra With Caroline: Svana Yoga Limehouse Saturday 23 February With Caroline of Zimba Yoga

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They say 20 minutes of yoga nidra equates to 1hr of sleep. It is a great stress buster and deep relaxation. See the benefits below
You will be guided through a short and simple flow to get the body limber and ready for a deep sleep of about an hour. Feel free to share with friends. If you would like to block book sessions contact me to request a discount code. Love and Light.
Caroline Zimba Yoga
Where: Svana Yoga Centre: A one of a kind yoga studio at Limehouse East London offering quality classes at affordable prices.
Everyone can do yoga nidra
It doesn’t matter what body type
you have or how old you are, yoga
nidra can be done by anyone. All it
requires is that you can lie down
and be guided into a conscious yet
deep sleep.
While their mind is engaged during yogic sleep,
some yogis will play a recording of material they’d
like to learn. With yoga nidra, the mind will be
fully aware to absorb the teachings.
Yoga nidra is being used to
treat those suffering from
trauma and addictions. It’s
used to calm, refresh, and
bring relief to those who
may otherwise be unable to relax.
1Sometimes the answers to our most pressing
questions are hidden in our unconscious.
Yoga nidra gives us the gift of accessing
buried thoughts and delivering them to the
conscious mind.
The relaxing aspects of
yoga nidra can strengthen
your immune system and
reduce stress.1 Decreasing
stress leads to better
overall health.
Swami Rama taught that yoga nidra
supports and strengthens meditation. Not
only does yoga nidra help you understand
yourself better, but it also helps you
understand your meditative practice
better as well.
Some of the greatest works of
art have been inspired by the
unconscious mind. Yoga nidra
allows us to tap into that
creative centre and pull it into
the conscious world.
Even if you fall asleep, there’s
no way you can do yoga nidra
wrong. In fact, yoga nidra can
help insomniacs get their needed
rest. It’s as easy as allowing the
natural stages of relaxation to
take over.


566 Cable Street Limehouse E1W 3HB

Dates: Saturday’s  23 Feb | 30 March | 27 April | 25 May | 29 June
When: 2pm – 3-30pm
Cost: £16.31
Unknown 1 - Yoga Nidra With Caroline: Svana Yoga  LimehouseAbout Caroline at  Zimba Yoga

Caroline’s clients get the benefit of her 14 years of yoga practice. She holds a foundation certificate from the British Wheel of Yoga as well as an impressive 700hrs in Ashtanga Vinyasa and various styles from India. Working with Caroline is not just about the body, it’s an holistic approach that the improves the mind and soul too. For Caroline, yoga is the art of knowing yourself. Whatever shows up on your mat is showing up in life, so during she’ll teach you to manage breath, and therefore mind and body. Each class is bespoke, tailored to the individual. She uses breath work and meditation to make sure you’ll always come away feeling enthused and uplifted, and who doesn’t need a bit of that these days?