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Inspire: Rudpa, Global Self Growth Facilitator

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Written by James Langton

Rudpa offers a range of workshops for beginners and experienced individuals wanting to further their understanding in showing uprelating authentically, healing traumarelationship dynamics and other personal development tools. Rudpa creates a contained environment for people to feel safe and supported, so that each individual can be inspired and empowered in their self-development journey. We Spoke to Rudpa about her challenges, her joys and some early London influences.

What do you do?

I’m a holistic counsellor and workshop facilitator, as well as, offering corporate coaching. My passion is working with people in a group dynamics settings, supporting them through life changes and helping them to reconnect with their own aliveness so that they can feel empowered and inspired to take the next step in their lives.

What is your greatest challenge at the moment?

Time of transition has been my greatest challenge. This last year, I have been making some big changes in my life, and I find transitional periods are often where I face the biggest challenges. It’s also the area where I develop and grow the most because I’m not in my ‘safe comfort zone’, I’m daring to ‘lean into the discomfort’ of the challenge and willing to take a risk even if I don’t have a safety net.

What is your greatest joy?

That’s not so easy to distil into one particular thing, but certainly community is a big part of what continues to bring joy to my life, mainly because the primary essence of what community represents is, connection. I’ve noticed that over the years of being in the field of conscious work, that connection with myself and with others has brought immense joy, as well as, connection to something much bigger… call it, nature, the divine or existence, etc..

Do you follow your own advice?

Yes. I don’t know how to do it differently, and I find that the work I offer is very much connected to what is alive in me. What I’m facing in myself and how I learn and grow from those experiences, as well as, the tools, insights and understandings of what helped me through.

A week never goes by without…

Meditation. I find meditation so important. Meditation moves us from ‘doing mode’ into ‘listening mode’. It’s a moment in our day where we can be still and reconnect with ourselves, and through this reconnection comes so much; groundedness, spaciousness, listening to our intuition, regulating our nervous system and much, much more…

What makes you optimistic in the world?

The heart. In all our humanness, we have this incredible vessel of the heart. A place where we can channel grace, allow forgiveness, reconnect with passion, express gratitude, discover compassion, learn unconditional love. The shortest distance is from our ‘heads’ to our ‘hearts’ and though it can be a lifetime of a journey, I find nothing more exciting and rewarding than the richness of our human hearts.

You went to school in the UK, but you’ve been living in many other countries since then. When you come back to London, what inspires you about the place?

London holds many memories of my childhood. I remember in the early 70’s I used to go to the Roundhouse in Camden where I began my spiritual journey of exploring and discovering meditation and self-growth work. There, a seed was planted that led me to the Tibetan Buddhist teachings, and then to a mystical teacher called, Osho, at his first centre located in Chalk Farm. So, for me London is the birthplace of my early development, and continues to be so each time I return to lead workshops there.

Rudpa’s next London workshop titled Self-Worthy is designed to help transcend obsolete negative patterns, damaging self-judgement and ultimately self-sabotage.