Ditch The Stress This December With These Six Wellness Experiences

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Written by James Langton

Here at Less-Stress central we’re as chilled as a glass of freshly squeezed Christmas cranberry juice because we’ve got our December planned to a tee with six health and wellness experiences to keep us clearheaded and grounded before the holiday really starts and we stop for a moment and just do nothing.

1. Floatworks

Our friends at Floatworks are open right up until Christmas Eve where the last bookable float will be at 4.30pm. Normal opening hours are 7.30am to 10.30 pm so lots of opportunity to get centred with some floatation therapy. When the tinsel and tattle seem inescapable Floatworks provide just that, a genuine escape from the Christmas madness.

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Floatworks Book Here

2. The College of Psychic Studies

Sunday 3rd December sees us learning about the real meaning of Christmas with Edwin Courtenay and his workshop Yule Solstice. Amongst other acts of ancient magik he will call to the sun that it might restore us even in the deepest depths of winter. The workshop is held at The college of Psychic Studies round the corner, but operating in a totally different reality zone from the Christmas tills of Kensington and Westfield Shepherds Bush.

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Yule Solstice Workshop at The College of Psychic Studies Book Here

3. Vibrational Chanting

On Tuesday 5th December, we are joining Alternatives for a concert by the Gytuto Monks of Tibet, held at the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith. We’ve seen the monks before at The Albert Hall and can strongly recommend the experience. You’ll walk out in to the W6 night air experiencing the universal vibration and connection of all things, Blissful.

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Gytuto Tibetan Chanting Monks Book Here Through Alternatives

4. Healing Family Patterns Workshop

We’ve just remembered Christmas means it’s family time again, which can be great, but it can also be…not so great. So this year we’re attending a Healing Family Patterns Workshop on Friday 15th December in Maida Vale that uses the systemic constellation approach. The workshop is facilitated by Gaye Donaldson renowned as one of the best practitioners in the art of family constellations and an experienced BACP counsellor as well. This could be very helpful at what is often a sensitive time for many.

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Healing Family Patterns Book Here With Kindred Constellations 

5. Calligraphy For Christmas

We’ve been working our keyboard to the bone this year and like many of our friends we find we’ve forgotten how to write properly which is pretty damn frightening quite frankly. So this year we’ve decided to do something about it and learn the basics of calligraphy with Asha and her company Babooche Calligraphy – we might even learn to write something beautiful and totally original for those special cards reserved for loved ones on Christmas day. Christmas Brush Calligraphy Workshop. Tuesday 12th December.

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Book through

6. Dedicated Meditation Studio at The City of London

It’s the last week before Christmas in the City of London and things have quietened down. Just for a moment there’s a chance to reflect on whether we might benefit from a more regular meditation practice in 2018. Luckily inhere offer the perfect place to centre ourselves, reset and unwind with a choice of nine different and wonderful guided meditation sessions in their super-cool dedicated studio right by London Bridge at the Monument Light Centre close to the heart of the city. Highly recommended.

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Inhere Meditation Studio Book Here