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IT’S COMPETITION TIME… Friend with Bad Posture, Back-pain or Inactivity? Win the Best-Selling Kneeling Chair

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Do you have a friend, colleague or family member with bad posture, back-pain or a weak core who finds sitting for hours at a desk uncomfortable or potentially painful or are simply worried about their fitness levels?

We have the perfect prize for them thanks to our friends at Back In Action and their fabulous range of Varier Variable kneeling chairs. Back in Action offer a superb range of beautiful furniture from sofas, to standing desks, sitting tools, beds and children’s high chairs all designed with the spine in mind.

For the full range of Back in Action products and services Check out their website or visit their friendly Marylebone showroom close to Baker St & Bond St. stations. 67/69 George St.W1U 8LT Tel:020 7930 8309

Back in Action also have stores in Amersham, Marlow and Bristol

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Back in Action say,

“Kneeling chairs make sitting fun, but more importantly they increase health and productivity at the same time. The key to all good chairs is movement, forwards-and-backwards, side-to-side, up-and-down, the more movement the better. We call this active sitting. Once you achieve active sitting your core muscles will become stronger and you will find your posture will improve overnight, joints will be less stiff, and you will become more focused and have higher concentration levels.”

This prize would be perfect for your freelance friend, that Uncle with a bad back or your boss who works long hours… we all know someone who would benefit from using the chair.

✔︎  Improve Creativity

✔︎  Improve Concentration

✔︎  Activate Core Muscles

✔︎  Improve Back Pain

Here’s how it works: All you need to do to nominate your deserving friend, colleague or loved one is to simply fill out the form below telling us why you would like them to win – how would the chair improve their life?

You have until Midnight Wednesday March 7th when we will make the draw and send the prize to the lucky winner.

By Filling out the form you are agreeing to the competitions rules which you can read here Terms & Conditions 

For more information on the Kneeling Chair, please visit Back In Action.