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New Year, Nurture You

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The festivities and sparkle of Christmas are over and we’ve got three months of cold, dark winter left to manage. As Nature Intended, the British health food and natural remedies independent company have produced a pocket supplement guide for Less-Stress London to help tackle January and these following winter months, focusing on sleep, mood, energy and digestion…


The digestive system needs support and care after the Christmas festivities.

An excellent product to support an overloaded digestion, at this time of stress, is Kiki Charcoal. This new customer favourite from us is on special offer in January. Activated charcoal can help relieve digestive stress and prevent bloating. It is also beneficial for removing harmful substances in the digestive system and also supports oral health.

Viridian Milk Thistle is a useful herbal remedy for an overworked liver, which can result from an excess of alcohol and rich foods. This remedy offers liver support, detoxification and is also an effective digestive tonic.

You might also consider a gentle detox to start the new year, such as Renew Life 1st Cleanse. First Cleanse is an effective gentle herbal cleanse product. It is designed to stimulate and support the body’s cleansing and detoxification processes. It is on special offer all of January.

Energy & Mood

For general support, a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is an excellent idea for this time of year. Two recommendations are Viridian High 5 – with high vitamin B5 to support the adrenal glands during stress, and Nature’s Plus Source of Life. Speak to one of our in-store advisors to find the right one for you. As an add on, vitamin D would be an excellent choice for energy. The difficulty getting sufficient vitamin D from sunlight and diet at this time of year make this supplement an essential one. We recommend Better You Vitamin D spray.

For mood we highly recommend Wild Nutrition Ashwaganda. This is a very popular product – customers tell us they really notice a difference and Wild Nutrition products are food based, using extremely high-quality ingredients and formulations.


So many of us struggle with sleep, which has a profound impact on our sense of wellbeing, energy and mood. A suggestion to support sleep is Better You Goodnight Spray. This is a combination of magnesium and essential oils to aid normal restful sleep. Our marketing manager swears by this product!

Another option is a warm Epsom Salt magnesium bath – which is on special offer at half price for January.

Caring and supporting yourself in this way will help see you through these challenging months until spring arrives.

Anyone on medications – speak to the in-store nutritionist/herbalist, who could check with the supplement company for more information. You can find us in Chiswick, Ealing, Marble Arch, Spitalfields and Westfield Stratford.

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