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Back In Action: beautiful furniture designed with your spine in mind

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Introducing Back In Action

Back In Action is dedicated to helping its customers beat back pain and improve spinal heath. At the stunning new Back Shop central London showroom, all staff are trained to listen carefully and offer a highly personalised service as they help clients with their furniture choices.

This is a family business founded by former engineer David Newbound 28 years ago. His daughter Lucinda has taken the helm as general manager of the four showrooms and the thriving online shop.

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“Customer service is absolutely front and centre of everything we do at Back in Action,” says Lucinda.

“A lot of our customers are like friends but it’s so important that when people come to us for the first time looking for guidance they feel they can trust us to help make good decisions about how they sit, stand, sleep and move.

“Back-pain can be so debilitating with severe implications over quality of life. Our mission is to supply great looking furniture that actively helps users of all ages with their posture both at home and in the office.”

More about back pain

Some of us will never experience it, some are experiencing it right now, some have experienced it for years, some will experience it in the future and some will barely have a day go by without it.

So, if you’re prone to back pain is it something you will always have to live with?

Well the short answer is, it depends. Its depends on the root of the problem, how much you’re prepared to change your lifestyle and how long you’ve been putting up with the pain.

For a lot of people there is an easy answer. Back In Action’s 30 years of experience in this industry has taught them one thing: spine health is about movement and balance.

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“Movement is essential,” says Lucinda. “It’s the mantra of yogis and physios, Pilates instructors and back specialists the world over, but this is even more basic than that. Movement doesn’t have to be about the grand gestures. We are talking about the little movements. The small tiny ones that you barely notice. The movements that keep you upright or help you adjust your body to stop from falling over when you walk.

“Today, we’re so used to working on a computer sitting down. Most of us work and sit in static chairs and that’s a big problem.”

It’s seems basic in terms of what we expect from our bodies, but it is also extremely complex. It’s easy to forget that standing and even to balance when standing requires a huge number of muscles to work in tandem.