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Relax and Restore with Seven Stress-busting and Energy-boosting Herbs this Festive Season

Whilst the festive season is an exciting time of year, for many it can also be daunting as we wonder how we are going to fit everything into our already busy lives, in preparation for Christmas. This can induce feelings of stress or anxiety which can lead to bouts of bad sleep, creating an unwanted lack of energy.

Luckily, there are plenty of herbal remedies to naturally support us through this busy time, including stress-busting and energy-boosting herbs, herbs to help ease hangovers as well as those to help beat the Christmas bloat.

Here are some herbal heroes that can help.

Herbs to help you relax


Tulsi (also known as holy basil), an adaptogenic herb, has a long history of use in traditional herbal medicines.

Three Tulsi UK - Relax and Restore with Seven Stress-busting and Energy-boosting Herbs this Festive Season

Adaptogens are a natural, healthy solution to supporting a busy lifestyle.  Essentially, they help us to adapt to emotional and physical stressors by regulating the stress-response within the body, ensuring that we are expending and conserving energy in a manageable way that won’t leave us feeling frazzled.  The closer to Christmas we get, the busier we become and the more important it is to stay calm in times of stress.

Tulsi is used specifically as an antidote to mental and physical stress. By modulating the nervous system’s response to stress, holy basil alleviates anxiety, increases energy and stamina, relieves tension headaches and improves mental and emotional clarity.


With work and social plans filling up our diaries through to December, it is easy to lie awake worrying how we are going to fit everyone and everything in. Sleep is integral to maintaining energy and focus but a good night’s sleep is not always easy to achieve with so much going on.

A natural alternative to sleeping tablets, which can cause dependency and some nasty side effects, could be the solution. Alongside finding some relaxation amidst the busy festive period, look for herbs such as valerian, which helps to calm and settle a hyperactive nervous system, bringing peace of mind, without any lingering feelings of drowsiness.

Valerian also relieves tension and anxiety, relaxing muscles including the heart to encourage unbroken sleep.

Three Chamomile UK - Relax and Restore with Seven Stress-busting and Energy-boosting Herbs this Festive Season


When you need to escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas and take a moment to relax, chamomile is here to help. Chamomile is widely used for its nervine effect, relaxing the nervous system and relieving tension in the whole body.  It also helps to relieve insomnia and general anxiety.

Herbs to help boost energy


The morning after the night before isn’t always easy and the closer we get to Christmas, the more frequent celebratory drinks become.  Ginseng is well known for its uplifting properties and as an adaptogenic herb for the adrenal glands.

Herbs to help beat the bloat


Many people swear by fennel to alleviate gas and stomach cramping after meals, especially during December when an excess of food and alcohol is the norm. Fennel in particular is anti-spasmodic (i.e. anti-cramping) and can be a life-saver for those who find themselves unable to control their craving for sweet foods. Great for easing nausea and indigestion and can help to reduce the other effects of alcohol on the body. A lukewarm cup of fennel tea will help to relieve digestive ailments.

Herbs to help a hangover


Ginger is warming and protective. It stimulates blood flow and is renowned for reducing nausea and settling an upset stomach. Its warmth and spice also stimulate the metabolism which in turn enhances detoxification


Cleanse UK - Relax and Restore with Seven Stress-busting and Energy-boosting Herbs this Festive Season

The perfect detoxifying herb.  The stinging nettle that we tried so hard to avoid during our childhood years is something we should be grabbing with open arms this festive season. Nettle naturally contains lots of vitamins and minerals to help you recover from the December party season. The added bonus is that nettle is a natural diuretic that can help to flush out excess toxins.

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