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Biodanza in London What Why & Where Guide

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The word “Biodanza” means “dance with life”. Created and developed by an anthropologist, it reduces stress through a combination of music, movement and the expression of emotions.

With regular classes, you

  • handle stress better
  • increase your ability to communicate
  • improve the quality of your relationships
  • experience a significant improvement in your sense of wellbeing

It becomes a new way of living – putting life first by connecting from your heart.

This deepens your connection with what is truly important to you in Life.
In this way, Biodanza becomes a system of personal and human development.

Enjoy Life More

Biodanza is a system of stress relief and personal development aimed at putting life first.Every individual participant in a Biodanza class will have his or her own idea of what it means to “put life first”. But every one of them will leave that class with a renewed sense of vigour and lust for life.

In our day-to-day lives, our nervous systems are chronically under assault from the negative pressures we encounter and rarely have a chance to switch off. People live in chronic hostility, anger, anxiety, fear or depression. In the long run, this leads to serious health problems and unhappy, difficult lives.

Biodanza uses a combination of music, movement and expression to help people to tap into their innate sense of joy, self esteem and self confidence, creating feelings of connectedness and love for themselves and others.

It enables people to break out of the continuous cycle of pressure and stress created by the frantic pace of modern living and to balance this with moments of intense pleasure, called “vivencias”.

Who Is It For?

The short answer? Everyone. People of all ages, from all walks of life, can benefit from Biodanza classes. Singles, couples, stressed-out executives and children can draw immeasurable pleasure and wellbeing from regular Biodanza classes. Many companies have also enjoyed tremendous success using Biodanza for team building. Everyone can benefit from Biodanza because its very essence is pure, direct and heartfelt communication.

How Does It Help?

You’ll leave your very first Biodanza class feeling happier, more relaxed, and more open to communication from and with others. The combination of music, dance and emotion sets the body’s chemistry in motion, bringing about a major biochemical and neurological rebalancing and resulting in a greater sense of well-being. For many people, this chemical rebalancing brings about profound changes in their lives.

Reduced Stress Levels

Stress is what happens when life starts to get on top of you. Whether it’s because of work, money, love, home life, or any number or combination of life’s pressures, we all experience stress at some point. Biodanza gives you a space in which to come back to yourself and regain your balance.

Improved Communication

The ability to communicate determines one’s relative success and happiness in life. It affects one’s progress at work, one’s ability to socialise, one’s level of domestic happiness and how one is perceived socially. Through regular Biodanza classes, your ability to communicate deeply changes in subtle ways. You are more you. More confident. More able to know what you want and how to express it more easily.

Better Relationships

In Biodanza, people’s natural sense of connection to and affectivity for others is restored and enhanced, allowing them to renew or strengthen bonds with the people in their lives and to successfully establish new relationships with others.

(Note: Where there are specific problems within a married couple, it is recommended that partners undertake professional counselling in conjunction with Biodanza. If in doubt, speak to your facilitator.)