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Unleash Your Urban Goddess With Syblle Koebl Sunday 22nd Sept : Battersea

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Your ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? to take a look at your life right now and start creating what you actually want. Unleash Your Urban Goddess NO IFS, NO BUTS, NO COCONUTS!

When: September 22nd all day starting at 10am
Where: Eve & Grace 103e Lavender Hill SW11 5QL
Investment in your personal well-being: £111
 Here is what you will learn:

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How you are ruled by thought patterns and emotional loops of the past and constantly recreating situations that don’t nourish you – and how to break free from all that.

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What qualities you are drawing from and what lays dormant in your life right now, and how to choose which power serves you at what time and how to consciously access it. You already are a kick a** woman and you’ll learn how to access your unique super powers and unleash them to the world!

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How the archetypes play a role in your day-to-day life and how you can harness your strengths and work on your ‘shadows’. Whether you are shy, bold, loud, clumsy, energetic or confrontational – you’ll be able to understand yourself a little better and work with what you have – right here, right now!

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It all starts with YOU taking personal responsibility of yourself. Understand why you might not be able to fully accept yourself right now and how to work towards that. Uncover the hidden energies that keep pulling you back into your comfort zone and let’s change the old patterns you don’t need anymore!

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How to take you to THRIVING from SURVIVING and to get back on track when you feel overwhelmed and stressed!

So if you feel….

Overwhelmed and exhausted with your urban life…
Paralysed because you dont know where to start or how to make the time…
Stuck in that hamster wheel of work, projects, family, deadline, responsibilities, functioning for others and doing what’s ‘right’…

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59679009 594311901051939 9032439368790310912 n - Unleash Your Urban Goddess  With Syblle KoeblYour Facilitator  Syblle Koebl. Fun facts about me…


I travel a lot

and when I say that I mean that! During the last 18 years I learnt 3 languages, dived with whalesharks and manta rays, worked with cheetahs, swam in Anaconda infested lakes, learnt Brazilian, african and caribbean dances and dived head first into different cultures and ways of living.


I swear a lot

Too.. Because you can be high-minded and take indecent pleasure in using the full range of language to express yourself (don’t ever expect to hear me citing a saying that is worded correctly though – I tend to mix 2 sayings together so it makes no sense at all. Apart from ‘get your ducks in a row’. That one I remember!)


All things Caribbean

I spend a couple of months a year in the Caribbean and love good rum & curried anything as well as doubles. You will most probably also find me dancing on the streets at Trinidad carnival wearing incredibly feathery costumes!


I am a kitty foster mummy

Cats always played a big role in my life and I am a proud foster mum! It gives me great joy to see frightened, hurt or neglected cats warm up to humans again and find a forever home when they are ready.