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Profile: Level Ground Specialist addiction therapy in Cannon Street

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Introducing Level Ground

Level Ground offers effective specialist addiction treatment from a qualified psychotherapist based in London, with an emphasis on finding and healing the root causes of the problem.

Established in 2006, Level Ground offers a specialised treatment and recovery service for gambling addicts, with particular insight for female gamblers. However, lead therapist Liz Karter works with men as well as women to facilitate recovery from addiction in all its forms, including alcohol and substance abuse.

As a therapist in previous roles, Liz felt restricted to working with surface behaviours instead of root causes. Consequently, many clients would relapse, or return with a crossover addiction to a new behaviour or substance. As an independent practitioner, Liz now finds 98% of her patients who complete treatment report that they’re free of addictions and crossovers a year after leaving the practice.

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What to expect

Level Ground offers weekly individual sessions, either in person or by Skype or phone for those who can’t easily reach its Cannon Street offices. There is also a confidential weekly women’s support group that Liz often recommends clients to.

Liz explains that addiction is a survival attempt that’s just gone wrong. It’s a coping mechanism. With gambling, essentially it’s about distraction and not thinking stressed, anxious thoughts. The focus or obsession with money is just a consequence. She says gambling addiction is less about the monetary reward than about the escapism.

Find out more from our interview with Liz.

What Level Ground’s clients say…

“Liz really puts heart and soul into her work and is a catalyst to empowering women to be themselves”

“This has enabled me to take action for myself and kick the gambling habit”


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