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Yoga Wheel Workshop with Body Positive Yoga Teacher Donna Noble The Yoga Wheel - It's Revolutionary -

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The wheel is an amazing tool, they are circular shaped used to enhance your practice. The wheels help open the front of the body, supported backbends, assists advanced yoga postures, enhances flexibility in the hips/spine/shoulders, increases core engagement, uses all large muscle groups when used correctly, and massages the spine. Use of the wheel on the legs opens the hip flexors and hamstrings.

In this fun-filled workshop, you will learn how to use the latest prop the yoga wheel. Durign the workshop students will be introduced to a variety of exercises and poses as we use the Yoga Wheel to develop core strength and stability, as well as challenge balance and flexibility.

The wheel can make your back bending, and hip opening practice playful, easy and effortless.

For example, back bending postures can be extremely difficult, but the yoga wheel makes back bending and hip opening practices playful, easy and effortless!

Class size is limited.
*Wheels will be available to use for class, with the option to purchase your very own wheel on the day. If you have your own wheel, please feel free to bring it with you to this workshop!
When: Sunday 28 04  1:00 – 2:30 pm
Where: The Lodge Space 120 Lower Road Rotherhithe London SE16 2UB
Investment:  £35.00
About Donna

Feeling stressed managing your life this way, feeling you have very little control of your life.Are you overwhelmed trying to find a way that will help you control your life, not allowing yourself to explore and do the things you are passionate about?

Do you find that you are on a perpetual cycle of attending countless self- development, mindfulness classes or trying out the next craze of how to relax?

That was me too until one day a friend made me aware of an approach that was different.

This one conversation started me on the amazing journey to where I am today.

With a simple understanding, a transformational new approach I was finally able to “go with the flow” and trust my innate wellbeing, and can say that my life has been truly revolutionised.

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