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Retreat From London Yoga & Menopause Retreat in the Heart of Devon March 15th

Unknown - Retreat From London

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Vivenka Yoga Farm Founder Fiona (spiritual name Sundari) talks about her personal journey through the menopause.

“I was confused during the menopause. Confuse comes from the verb to melt: yes I melted with hot flushes. Sweaty nights, deep tiredness, mental confusion.

As a caterpillar transforms in the chrysalis, structures melting and being reassigned, I knew there was a transformation going on, painful and uncertain as it was.

I know it’s a cliche, the emergence of a butterfly, but post-menopause I really do feel I transformed. Menopause is a wonderful opportunity to embrace change and vision how you want the next part of your life to be”.

Yoga nidra is a very good tool for listening to your heart’s prayer and transforming to the next stage. On this retreat we’ll tune into the spring energy, new life and the spirit of transformation.

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Come to this lovely day or weekend retreat at Viveka Gardens with yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and yummy vegan food and sisterhood.  Two options:

Day retreat 10.15 for a 10.30 start on Saturday, finishing at 5.00 with two workshops and lunch

2-Night retreat arriving from 3pm on Friday and leaving around 12 pm on Sunday.

Workshop Highlights
  • How yoga practices can support menopause transformation
  • Help your body tune in to it’s natural rhythms for where you are right now
  • Identify the changes you want to make and find the support to reach and maintain them
  • Learn from our shared wisdom and experience

Saturday Day Retreat Schedule

10.15 arrival for…

10.30 opening circle then yoga class with short nidra

12.30 lunch

2.00 walk on the land here: tap into mother earth or maybe sowing seeds

2.45 tea

3.00 Workshop and second nidra; next steps and closing circle

5.00 departure for day retreat women – weekend guests see schedule, right

Full Weekend Retreat Schedule

Arrival from 3pm
4.00 gentle yoga class
6.00 Supper
7.00 intro/tour Viveka Gardens
8.00 yoga nidra – deep relaxation
10pm lights out

7.30 breakfast and free time
10.15 Day Retreat Workshops (see above)
5.00 free time
6.30 supper
7.30 optional walk or group meditation
10pm lights out


7.00 optional group meditation and chanting
7.30 breakfast and free time
10.00 gentle yoga class
11.30 snack,closing meditation and departure

Accommodation is in simple single-sex dorm style accommodation with shared bathrooms in tasteful and comfortable converted cob barns. There is the Bliss Barn and the Santosha Loft.  Non-caffeinated teas and barley cup, as well as fruit are available

Cost: Full Weekend £260 / Saturday only £50


Viveka Gardens is keen to make yoga available to all so bursaries are available for those on benefit. Please contact to discuss.