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Inspire: Photographer Alejandra Carles Tora

Alejandra Carles-Tolra is a photographer. She uses photography to support people from vulnerable backgrounds. What’s your favourite thing about London? I love the variety of people you can meet in the city; the variety of things to do. When…

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Less-Stress Favourite Yoga This Winter

Less-Stress Meditation Retreats

Celebrating London's Green Spaces

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London Wildlife Trust

Nature is a vital contributor to our well-being in London, and London Wildlife Trust believes it is possible to balance responsible development whilst protecting the city’s nature and enhancing her biodiversity. Nature needs to be part of…

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Less-Stress(ed) Breathing in London

Complementary Therapy

Breathwork with Richie Bostock

42 ACRES Weekday Wellness Lunchtime Series: Breathwork with Richie “The Breath Guy” Bostock 42 ACRES is delighted to welcome Richie Bostock to the space for a 45mins lunch time session every Friday. In this session Richie will lead you…

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